Ski Camp

During term 3 our students went on a wonderful ski camp to Mount Buller where new experiences and lots of fun were had by all. Two of our students, Olive and Eve have each written a recount of their time at the camp and would like to share them with you.




Ski Camp by Eve Mortlock

In Week 8 of Term 2, the senior students from Natte Yallock, Moonambel and Landsborough went to Mount Buller to go on ski camp. There were 12 kids and 2 teachers.

Day 1: First off, my Mum drove me to school to get on the big bus. On the bus I sat next to Olive and we talked. While we were on our way there, we had to stop for lunch at the memorial park. When we arrived at Mount Buller, I saw the snow and my eyes lit up. It looked white and fluffy. When we got halfway up the mountain, we had to catch another bus to take us to the top. When we arrived, we went to the hire place to get our ski gear. Then we had to transport our heavy gear all the way to the lodge. Our first job was to organise our room for our stay. For tea we had Lasagne with salad and for dessert we had fruit and custard. Every night we had to have a shower and go to bed by 8:45 PM, which was so early!

Tuesday was a challenging day because we had to wake up at 6:30 AM and it was our first-time putting on ski gear. I found having to walk in them very challenging. I felt bulky because of all the gear I had on. When we were all ready to leave, we got our skis and hopped on the bus to go to ski school for our first lesson. We had to learn how to get on the skis and stop. Our coach for ski school was Scott but we called him Silly Scott. Our ski lesson went for two hours every day. For lunch we had a wrap and then we went back to skiing. This was our schedule for the three lessons. Lesson one was an awesome first lesson.

Lesson two was on Wednesday and I learned how to turn. We used the Magic Carpet, which was Green Level, to practice before we reached the higher levels. Some of us girls did Bourke Street which is harder than the Magic Carpet. Then in the afternoon I did Baldy, which is harder than the other runs.

Lesson 3 was on Thursday. I went on the Magic Carpet to warm myself up. Then I went onto Bourke Street and Baldy with Scott. In the afternoon, some of us went on Shaking Knees which is Blue Level and is very hard. After we finished skiing, we had to return out skis. We then had the chance to go shopping. I bought a souvenir husky dog and I named it Cinamon.

I loved skiing and I can’t wait to go back. The food was super yummy on camp. On the way home I sat next to Char and we talked and played games.


Ski Camp by Olive Mortlock

In Week 8, the senior students of Natte Yallock, Moonambel and Landsborough Primary School went to Mount Buller to go on ski camp.

On Day One, we met a big bus at Natte to take us to the snow. It took five hours and forty-five minutes to get to the snow. There were two stops for morning tea and lunch. When we were travelling up the mountain, all of us thought it was fluffy and foamy but when we got there it was icy. We arrived and met someone named Jordan who took our luggage. We then went up to a shop and got our gear. It was so heavy and hard to carry up to the lodge. For tea, we had lasagne and Jordan talked us through the safety rules. It was a good day and I went to bed early.

In the morning, I found it challenging to put my gear on. The boots felt like you’d broken your ankle. When we got down to ski school, we met our ski instructor Scott, who we called Silly Scott. Scott taught us how to stand up on skis and how to walk. I found this hard as I kept falling over. Scott took us to a tiny hill to practice how to slide and stop.

In the afternoon, I was so tired that I stayed back at the lodge with my sister Alice and my friends Angela and Charlotte. We played some games and built a snowman named Mate. He had a red beanie, a sharp icy nose and gum leaves as sunglasses. For tea that night, I had some delicious Butter Chicken. It was yummo!! I went to bed at 8:45pm.

By Day Three, I was moving up to the Magic Carpet which is a bigger hill. Scott taught us how to stop and turn. I only learnt how to stop. I spent all afternoon on the slopes. I got better at stopping as I continued to try my hardest.

On Day Four, Mr Tromp took us to Bourke Street. We had to use the chairlifts and I was so scared because I didn’t know how to turn. I got really frustrated but I learnt how to in the end. Mr Tromp said I was getting better so he took me up to Baldy, which is an even longer run. It was windy and cold on the chairlifts and I couldn’t see anything.

I had so much fun, but the week happened too fast. It was a very challenging camp. I played a few games and relaxed on the bus ride home.