Our Sporty School

We have been a very sporty school so far this year! Click to hear all about the athletic activites we have been involved in during term 1.

Natte Yallock Primary School was a very sporty school in Term 1! Our Physical Education unit at school and during Full STEAM Ahead (FSA) Cluster Days was focussed on athletics. We developed our skills in short and long distance running, discus, shot put, long jump and triple jump. We also had specialised marching lessons to prepare us for the traditional marching competition held during the Pyrenees Athletics Day at the end of the term.

This year, six schools joined together at the Avoca Recreational Reserve to compete in track and field events. Hosted by Landsborough Primary; Natte Yallock joined with Amphitheatre, Buangor, Moonambel and Navarre Primary School principals and teachers along with approximately 60 students. It was a wonderful, colourful day that celebrated age group champions across all events, long distance running medallions, relay races, marching and the hotly contested Cross Ball relay. 

Natte Yallock is proud to say that we brought home the Snow Parry Memorial Shield for Marching and the Kathy Parmenter Perpetual Cross Ball Trophy for the second year running.

We also celebrated one of our families who was attending our school sports for the last time having had one child (or several) at Natte Yallock Primary School ever year for the last 21 years!


Each term Natte Yallock Primary School applies for the Sporting Schools Grant that is available to all primary schools. We have been fortunate in having this grant approved several times over the last year as it brings an extra $1500 into our budget and connects us to coaches and equipment for sports that our students would not otherwise be exposed to during their primary school years.

We chose to focus on swimming and badminton last term, travelling everyday for two weeks to the Maryborough Sports and Leisure Centre. Amphitheatre, Moonambel and Navarre Primary Schools again joined forces with Natte Yallock Primary and over 40 students took part in this intensive program. Students were split into junior and senior classes which alternated between 45 mins of swimming and 45 mins of badminton.

Every student developed fabulously over the two weeks, and they especially enjoyed the visits to the playground near the train station before returning to school for afternoon lessons.

This term we will be out and about again, learning to play golf at the Avoca Golf Club as well as skilling up in the rules and play of AFL football. We can’t wait!

Please ring Tess Kelly, Principal, on 03 5462 2386 to talk about the wonderful opportunities for your child at Natte Yallock Primary School. With small class sizes assured, the opportunities for sustained development in literacy and numeracy skills are amazing, and there are also fabulous adventures around every corner.