Literacy in 'The Library'

'The Library' is where we spend our mornings discovering sounds, reading books and becoming junior authors. Read more to learn about the Literacy program at Natte Yallock Primary and the history within this room.

Every morning, a two-hour Literacy block takes place in our purpose-designed Literacy room fondly known as ‘The Library’. Students unpack their book bags and ready their learning spaces with book tubs and Reader’s Notebooks as we gear up for the one-hour Reading session and  one-hour Writing session each day.

All year levels work together in this one large room, with two teachers and also a learning tutor on two mornings a week. Each lesson is carefully planned and sequenced to address current needs and promote engagement. In one area you will hear sounds being articulated or syllables being stretched out, whilst in the another area you will be invited into a Book Club currently studying ‘Night Ride into Danger’ by Jackie French. On tutoring days, you will see comprehension being worked on and Spelling Mastery sessions taking place on ‘The Table’.

‘The Table’ is special as it has its own story as important as the long traditions held at Natte Yallock Primary School. During a visit earlier this year, past Principal Hayden Pilgrim shared the story of how ‘The Table’ came to be...when the room was redesigned removing the original headmaster's platform and blackboard area, the boards from the platform were lovingly repurposed into a large, square, incredibly solid table that now takes pride of place in The Library. It hosts reading groups, sorting activities, staff meetings, lunch groups, teacher resources for lessons ahead and many other items for our busy and interactive days. I like to imagine that if those boards could talk, they would have wonderful stories to share!

Every fortnight The Library hosts a visit from the wonderful MARC teacher, Mrs Bawden. The MARC Van drives up and in comes Mrs Bawden with her trolley full of books, activities and multi-age games. At the moment, as part of the Humanities program delivered by the MARC teacher, the student are learning about Matthew Flinders and his contribution to the exploration of Australia.


The old honky-tonk piano has been relocated after many years from the corridor to The Library where it can be used on cluster days for music lessons and on Friday afternoons for sing-a-longs. Many years of ‘Sing’ books can be found on the shelves and have supported several long sessions of choose a song and let’s have a go!

The Library is also where we congregate to eat snack and lunch - a socially interactive time where stories are shared, tales are told and plans are made for playtime. It is a community time that brings together all ages and stages with their toasted sandwiches, pies on Pie-Day Friday and homemade leftovers.

Delivering a high-quality Literacy program is a school priority that uses research-based approaches and rigorous assessment practices. We are proud of the program we deliver and the students’ progress in  Reading, Writing and Speaking & Listening.